5 After-Class Activities You Can Participate in While You Study English in California

ESI students have fun after class at a sports game in California

ESI students have fun after class at a sports game in California

Learning English can happen anywhere! It happens both inside and outside the classroom at schools like the English Studies Institute (ESI) in California.

In ESI English courses, students learn to read, write, speak, and understand English better. The learning does not stop when class time ends! ESI students practice English communication skills at fun after-class activities, too.

Here are 5 fun activities you can try when you take English courses with us.

1. Have Fun at Musical Activities in California

Can you sing? Can you dance? Do you love to watch and listen to musical performances? There are many chances to enjoy musical activities here in California.

When not working hard in class, you can find some ESI students attending musical shows in California. ESI recently took students to see Jersey Boys, a musical full of classic American songs for singing along to—a very fun way to practice pronunciation!

For students who prefer dancing, ESI also has salsa dancing activities! Salsa is a couples’ dance style performed to Latin-American music. If you like dancing to pop or rock songs instead, on special holidays we have dance parties with a DJ too.

2. Volunteer for a Good Cause After Your English Courses

It feels good to do nice things for other people! Helping others by volunteering is a great way to improve your speaking skills outside of your English courses.

ESI students make birthday cards in English for patients at local hospitals

ESI students make birthday cards in English for patients at local hospitals

Some volunteer opportunities do not need you to speak English, but instead help to make or build things. You could be like these students and practice writing by making birthday cards for people who are sick.

Other volunteer jobs are great ways to speak English with native English speakers, like community service work with senior citizens or the homeless. There are lots of ways to help while also learning!

3. Play and Watch Fun American Sports Outside of English Courses

When you study English in California, you are close to many exciting American cities with big sports teams.

Our students get to watch sports events like San Francisco Giants baseball games and Golden State Warriors basketball games. At ESI you can get to be a part of the California football season, too, when college athletes from our UC Berkeley campus play football teams from all across the country.

Every week, ESI students also have fun playing football, soccer or Frisbee with other students at UC Berkeley. Participating in any of these sports is a great way to make new friends and get some exercise!

4. Visit Cool Museums and Zoos in California

California has many fun attractions like zoos and museums. The San Francisco zoo is famous for being the birthplace of Koko the gorilla, and having the oldest black rhinoceros in North America.

An ESI student is brave at the zoo!

An ESI student is brave at the zoo!

If you like art, San Francisco has the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Asian Art Museum, and the Cartoon Art Museum, just to name a few! All of these places are close to ESI campus and have tours in English with guides who are happy to talk about these cool sites.

5. Experience Other Cultures at English Courses in California

America is well-known for being home to many cultures. Many students at UC Berkeley who share a campus with ESI come from other countries, or are descended from immigrants. That’s why ESI students get to celebrate music, food, dancing, and games of other cultures at lots of different cultural holidays.

You can do the Polka dance at the German Oktoberfest, taste falafel at Middle Eastern celebrations, and have an authentic Thanksgiving turkey with friends who are other English students or native English speakers. There is fun all year round!

ESI students try the hula hoop at an American street festival

ESI students try the hula hoop at an American street festival

Ready to improve your English inside and outside the classroom?

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