3 Easy Ways to Improve Communication Skills in English

Communication skills include more than talking and listening. To be a good communicator you also have to pay attention to things like body language and tone. For example, the sound of someone’s voice may change if they are happy or sad or unsure. Also, in many languages including English there may be more than one meaning for a sentence or word.

Whether you are speaking your first language or not, strong communication skills will help you express yourself and understand others. Even when you have a big vocabulary and a strong understanding of grammar, communication can be difficult. Read more to find out ways to improve your communication skills in English.

1. Ask Questions in Your ESL Classes in California

There is time to ask questions in your ESL classes in California. There is also time to ask questions in a conversation. This is one of the best ways to understand someone. One useful question is “what do you mean by that?” This is a way to ask someone to say something again with different words.

If you are not sure what to say, try asking a question

Questions can work the other way too. If you are not sure you are being understood in the way you want, you can ask “do you know what I mean?” Questions allow you to make sure you are communicating clearly. Questions also communicate to others that you are interested in the conversation.

2. Slow Down and Learn “Filler Words”

It can be frustrating to try to express yourself if you can’t remember a word or you forget an element of grammar. In fact, it can be difficult for anyone in any language to find the right words sometimes. When this happens, let yourself slow down and think.

In English there are words that people use to show that they need a moment to think. For example, “um” or “like” are words that you might notice. People often say these “filler words” before they pause to find the right word or phrase. There are also fillers like “I guess,” which can communicate uncertainty or indifference.

3. Watch TV or Listen to Podcasts in English

When you learn English for university studies you may be very good with language in the classroom, but still have trouble communicating outside the classroom. Watching TV or listening to podcasts in English will show you that many different people communicate in many different ways.

Podcasts are a great way to improve English skills when you have free time

You will also learn more about vocabulary. Sometimes a word may be used in different ways depending on the situation. Even if a television show is very dramatic or very comedic it can provide a useful reference for how people communicate in English. TV and podcasts may also provide conversation topics, which will allow you to go back to the first point above and ask more questions.

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