3 Ways Community Service Can Improve Cultural Immersion When Taking ESL Courses

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It may seem difficult to immerse yourself in a new culture when first arriving in another country. Fortunately, community service can help you learn more about American culture and have fun at the same time!

Volunteering and community service have a rich cultural history in America. The act of friends and neighbors coming together to support and improve their community has existed in the country since the early 19th century, and the tradition continues to this day. Whether planting a new garden, cleaning up a local park, or visiting senior residents, community service is a great opportunity to do something good for others, as well as immerse yourself in an English-speaking culture.

Are you interested in getting more involved in American culture as you learn English? Read on to find out how community service can help.

1. Volunteering Introduces You to People in an English-Speaking Community

Whenever you enter a new culture or community, adjusting to the new environment can feel intimidating, especially if you’re still learning the language. Participating in community service is a good way for you to become more familiar with the local community, and give the community a chance to meet you.

Getting involved in a new community is easier when you are part of a team, and community service gives you and others a common goal to work towards. Community service also brings many types of people together. Because America is such a large and diverse country, you might even meet other volunteers who came here from another country and know what it’s like to be in the same position as yourself.

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Students at ESI can volunteer through our Community Service Learning courses

2. You Can Build Upon the English You Learn in Your ESL Courses

People often use different vocabulary or grammar when they talk. This means that practicing your English in an informal setting can help you see how everyday Americans use the language.

By volunteering, you have a chance to build upon the lessons you learn in your ESL courses, and practice them in a real-world setting, giving you more experience and knowledge to work with in and out of the classroom.

3. Community Service Can Introduce You to New People and Friends

America’s long tradition of volunteering means that many people from all backgrounds get involved in community service every year. This gives you the opportunity to meet and talk with others outside your language courses during the time you study English in California.

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Community service gives ESL students more opportunity to practice their English

You will often work with other volunteers, which can help you build strong bonds and friendships as you share your own culture, experiences, and history with each other. Meeting and befriending others through community service can deepen your immersion in the United States, as well as help you improve your English through practice and meaningful conversation.

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