English Language Courses in USA


Intensive English

Year-round progressive course studies with monthly start dates 20 hours of evaluated instruction per week Study in an intensive in-depth language course focused on improving all English skills: grammar, listening comprehension, speaking/pronunciation, reading, and writing. Prepare for further academic studies or English for the workplace by participating in interactive communicative classes that promote success in the English language. Added features include immersion in campus environment and conversation exchange with UCB students during the academic year.  

Communication Skills

Year-round progressive course studies with monthly start dates 12 or 16 hour options of evaluated instruction per week Learn to be fluent in English by developing grammar, speaking and listening skills. Improve English through cross-cultural contact with international students in lively interactive classes, interviews with native speakers, and individual and group projects. Gain confidence and fluency in spoken English, American English pronunciation, and commonly used idioms and expressions. In summer and January sessions choose an afternoon elective class such as Listening and Pronunciation, Media and Communication, TOEFL Practice, or English through Film.  

Community Service Learning

Available as a customized group course only. This course offers a golden opportunity to improve your English language skills while making a profound social impact. Students gain a unique view into American culture and learn about successful techniques for helping in different community services including environmental protection, senior services, elementary schools and the homeless. Community Service Learning is a volunteer experience that gives students an opportunity to volunteer with native speakers in a language immersion environment.