A Day in the Life of an ESI Student Taking Intensive English Courses

intensive english training
While it’s nice to know that English Studies Institute’s courses are all taught by qualified and experienced professionals, it’s also good to have an idea of the kinds of things you will do during the classes they teach. Knowing what types of daily activities you can expect can help with the nervousness you might feel early on, and make the adjustment period of getting used to the school easier.

To help inform you about why English Studies Institute (ESI) is a great choice for studying intensive English, and to help incoming students prepare for what they will be doing, here is a preview of what you can expect from your days studying in the program.

Intensive English Courses Focus on English Structure and Speech

ESI students typically spend their mornings in a Structure of English class. There, you will learn important grammar and structure skills through practice exercises, lectures, and by reviewing your past mistakes to find areas that may need improvement.

At ESI, you’ll also take an Oral Communication Skills class, where you’ll focus on listening, pronouncing words, and engaging in both informal conversation as well as formal presentations.

Combined, these two classes will help you build the foundation in English that you will need to excel in your career or future studies, as well as the confidence you will need for social interactions with native English speakers.

Intensive English Training Students Work on Reading, Writing, and Speech

Afternoon classes in ESI’s intensive English training program build off of the work you’ll complete in your morning sessions, and will help to further develop your skills.

In your Reading and Writing and Listening and Pronunciation classes, you will develop reading strategies, learn about different writing styles for different audiences, and practice proper pronunciation and intonation when speaking English. Ongoing tests throughout the program will ensure that you effectively track your learning progress in all of your classes, and will help you target specific areas where you might need work.

intensive english courses

Afternoon classes at ESI help students further develop their English skills

Students Can Continue Intensive English Training with Optional Additional Hours

Students who want to have some fun while building off of the work they do in their intensive English courses can take advantage of the extra activities offered by the school after regular class hours. Along with other interested students, you can practice your English while going on outings, such as tours of downtown San Francisco or of the UC Berkeley campus. You can also attend events like professional sports games, or perhaps even take part in social activities like salsa dancing and billiards.

Participating in ESI’s many social activities is a great way for you to explore the surrounding area, introduce yourself to the community, and make lasting friendships—all while further immersing yourself in the English language.

With plenty of classes to help students succeed at learning English, and lots of social activities to help them practice the language while enjoying time with friends, ESI students can expect their days to be both rewarding and lots of fun.

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