How Giving Back Can Help You Practice English While You Pursue Intensive English Studies

Intensive English Studies
If you want to really learn English, reading books and taking classes are just the beginning. The best way to learn any language is by being immersed in the culture, communicating with native speakers and practicing your new skills in different environments.

At the English Studies Institute (ESI), students dramatically improve their English skills while meeting people from all over the world in beautiful Berkeley, California. All of our friendly teachers are highly qualified professionals with Master’s degrees, dedicated to helping your feel comfortable speaking and writing English while understanding American culture.

Assignments like interviewing native speakers, making presentations and group discussions develop your confidence in speaking English. One of the best ways for improving your fluency is our Community Service Learning program, where you have the opportunity to volunteer at local organizations, doing meaningful work with Americans to help others.

Giving back to the community also helps you—here’s how!

Communicating in Different Environments Improves English for University Studies

After students have completed two consecutive sessions of Intensive English, they can apply for ESI’s Community Service Learning Program. This program offers an ideal way for students to practice their skills out in the real world while making a difference in other people’s lives. Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay area have a long history of community involvement—there are many places where you can share your talents to make the city a better place.

ESI students can practice their English while helping seniors in the community

ESI students can practice their English while helping seniors in the community

ESI students can volunteer by protecting the environment at the Ecology Center, helping young children in local elementary schools, serving food for homeless people, or helping seniors or young people in the community. There are many ways to participate depending on your language level, interests and unique gifts. Working with people from various backgrounds in unfamiliar situations will motivate you to express yourself in different ways, improve your pronunciation and expand your vocabulary. It’s excellent preparation for communicating in English for university studies and your career.

Developing Writing Skills in English for Universities or the Workplace

Practicing your English in the community develops your presentation and negotiation skills for future success in university or the workplace. Volunteer work will improve your writing skills.

ESI students help serve meals at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco

ESI students help serve meals at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco

Writing may be required for helping elementary school children with projects, setting up special environmental lectures at the Ecology Center, or helping social welfare children with their homework. ESI volunteers at local senior centers interview residents to write a short essay about their lives. Good English writing skills are essential for many careers, and students at ESI become better written communicators in English when they complete their intensive English studies and volunteer through the Community Service Learning Program.

Besides building English skills, volunteering is an excellent opportunity to explore the community, better understand American culture, meet interesting people, consider possible career paths, and experience valuable personal growth. ESI supports volunteer groups every step of the way to ensure that your community service is a fun and rewarding learning experience.

Would you like to improve your English for universities or the workplace through our Community Service Learning Program?

Contact English Studies Institute to learn when this program is offered and how you can apply!