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How Talking with Native Speakers Helps During Your English Classes

February 6, 2020
Learning a language in a classroom can be very different to using it in everyday life. Speaking with native speakers can help you build your language skills by giving you a deeper understanding of the language and exposing you to native accents, accurate pronunciations, and…

3 Easy Ways to Improve Communication Skills in English

December 19, 2019
Communication skills include more than talking and listening. To be a good communicator you also have to pay attention to things like body language and tone. For example, the sound of someone’s voice may change if they are happy or sad or unsure. Also, in…

How ESL Courses Help You Make an International Network of Friends

September 5, 2019
Learning English in the United States provides many valuable opportunities. When you study English, you get to experience English in its natural setting, participate in American culture, and even make friends from all over the world. Having an international network of friends is very beneficial….