How Pursuing Intensive English Studies Will Help You Excel in the Workplace

classes for English fluency

ESI students get fun work experience at a snack bar

If you want to work in any English-speaking workplace, English classes are the best way to start! The right English skills can help you advance in your current career. They can even help you land a brand new job.

Here at English Studies Institute (ESI), students take English classes to improve their work potential along with their English skills. They develop the communication skills employers look for, and get the help they need to successfully apply for jobs.

Ready to prepare for workplace success? Here is how our classes will help you do the job.

Communication: Classes for English Fluency Give You Great Speaking Practice

If you want to work in any place with clients or customers, it is very important to have strong English speaking skills. This will help you communicate clearly with native English speakers.

At ESI, students improve their speaking skills in interactive classes about pronunciation and intonation. They learn to use correct grammar out loud and get comfortable with common English workplace expressions. If you study here, you will also practice these speaking skills in informal conversations during fun after-class activities.

In this environment, your friendly teachers and classmates will make it easy for you to master spoken English and get workplace-ready.

English for the workplace

An ESI teacher talks with ESI students at a campus event

Listening Comprehension: Classes & Campus Life Make You a Better Listener

If you have difficulty understanding English when it is spoken quickly, it can be difficult to follow instructions in the workplace. That is why for any English-speaking job, it is very important to have strong English listening comprehension skills. Listening comprehension means understanding what native English speakers say right when you hear it.

On a campus like ESI, English is all around you! Our students live and learn beside native English speakers from UC Berkeley who also study languages. With teamwork, practice, and classes for English fluency, students get comfortable understanding the spoken English they will hear on the job. They are ready to listen to English bosses and be part of a work team.

Resume Writing: English for the Workplace Classes Make Your Resume Right

At ESI, students get thorough training in grammar and writing which helps with resumes. If you want to make an English resume with correct grammar and no spelling mistakes, our kind and patient teachers will help you succeed.

They teach the English writing skills that help students both excel at work and excel in the TOEFL preparation needed for American colleges or universities. Students can use these skills to write perfect resumes for English-language jobs.

By the end of your time at ESI, you will also have great experiences to put on your resume. Don’t forget to write about the presentation skills, leadership training, and critical thinking you practiced here!

TOEFL preparation

An ESI certificate is a valuable addition to any ESL student’s resume

With our year-round enrollment, you can start English classes whenever you are ready, or whenever your current work schedule allows.

Are you ready to improve your English for the workplace?

Visit English Studies Institute to get started!