How ESL Courses Help You Make an International Network of Friends

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Learning English in the United States provides many valuable opportunities. When you study English, you get to experience English in its natural setting, participate in American culture, and even make friends from all over the world.

Having an international network of friends is very beneficial. An international network can help you learn about other cultures. It can also give you plenty of friends to visit if you want to travel after studying English. In addition, having an international network can also be good for your career. You might meet people who could help you discover new opportunities, or who have advice about doing business in their country.

Creating an international network is easy at ESL school. Read on to find out how your courses can help you make friends from around the world!

Students Come to ESL School in California from All Over the World

With warm weather, sunny beaches, and friendly people, it’s easy to see why many international students choose to learn English in California. In fact, by enrolling in ESL classes, you can meet other students who come from many different countries!

Adjusting to a new culture can be difficult, but knowing that many of your classmates are also going through the same experience can help you build a deeper, more meaningful relationship. Building an international network is easy when you are surrounded by people from all over the world! It’s just one of the many benefits of taking intensive ESL classes.

Meet Local University Students Through the Cal Partners Program

When it comes to learning English, it helps if your ESL courses are in an English-speaking environment. One of the best ways to get real experience with English is to meet native speakers. This is why students at ESI have the opportunity to participate in our Cal Partners Language Exchange Program, which puts you in contact with students from the University of California in Berkeley during your studies.

Students at ESI have the chance to meet students at UC Berkeley

Students at ESI have the chance to meet students at UC Berkeley

By meeting local students, you have the chance to improve your accent, pronunciation, and conversation skills. In addition, this opportunity can help you make American friends, expanding your network even more!

Build Your International Network Through After-Class Activities at ESL School

English is a language that can be difficult to learn, which is why you need an ESL school that gives you experience you can’t find in a textbook or online. Practising your English face-to-face with real people helps you improve your knowledge and fluency. It also introduces you to American culture, which is why we offer many after-class activities. At ESI, students can attend dance parties, see musical productions, and more!

A sporting event can help you meet other students during your ESL courses

A sporting event can help you meet other students during your ESL courses

After-class activities help you practise English, but they also help you expand your network. That’s because building your international network starts with meeting new people. From attending classic sporting events like baseball or American football to museum visits, salsa classes, and more, you have the chance to make friends outside of class in a fun, welcoming atmosphere.

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