How Small Class Sizes in ESL School Give You a Learning Advantage

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The size of your classroom can have an effect on how easy it is for you to learn English. For example, a class of 30 students is taught very differently from a class of 15. 30 students means 30 voices competing to be heard over one another. 15 students, however, provides a much more inclusive environment that allows you and your classmates to learn comfortably. A small class also lets your instructors get to know you better.

If you’re interested in finding out how a small class size can help you improve your English proficiency, continue reading to learn more!

ESL Students Can Get Personalized Attention from Instructors in a Small Class

English is a complicated language, and students often have many questions. Your instructors are there to help guide you. However, in a big class they might not be able to give you the one-on-one attention you need.

Instructors are able to give special attention to students in small classes

Instructors are able to give special attention to students in small classes

One of the greatest benefits of a small class size is that it gives your instructors a more manageable classroom. This allows them to focus more of their attention on individual students. This can be especially useful if there’s an area of your coursework that you’re having trouble with, because your instructor can go through it with you step-by-step. Personalized attention and detailed feedback can help you become more familiar with the English language. The intimate learning environment of a small class can allow you to improve your overall proficiency with the close guidance and support of your ESL school instructors.

A Small Class Helps You Improve Your Participation and English Skills Quickly

Participating in class helps you become more comfortable with the English language. However, learning English in a large classroom may make you feel ignored or unimportant. You may even miss out on valuable exercises and class participation if you’re shy or quiet and afraid to speak up.

Fortunately, a small class can encourage you to become more confident and help you feel more comfortable participating. This is because it’s less easy for you to hide in a small class, and you have a chance to ask more questions and speak with your instructors and classmates. The English language is challenging, but participating in class can help you practise your language skills and improve quickly!

Small Classes Help Students Become Friends with their Classmates at ESL School

Small class sizes give you the opportunity to meet new people during your English courses in the USA. Adjusting to a new language and a new culture isn’t always easy, but making friends in your classes can give you a sense of stability as you become more immersed in English and the culture of the United States. A support system is important because it can help you know that you’re not alone. In fact, making new friends can be a very fun part of your studies!

ESI students can make many friends during their English courses

ESI students can make many friends during their English courses

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