How to Use Songs to Improve in Your ESL Courses in California

English classes in California

California is the home of some of America’s greatest bands: The Beach Boys, The Doors, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, to name a few. If you know some of their music, then you’ll be interested to know that those songs are a wonderful tool to help you improve your English!

While traditional classroom instruction is very important, using songs to learn a language is a good way to discover the culture of the language as well. It is also something fun that you can share with other people while you’re taking a break from your studies.

The Science Behind Why Music Helps You Learn Language

When you start to learn a new language, listening to songs can be an effective way of learning the basics of that language. Through rhythm and music, songs help your brain remember more information because that information is associated with beats and melodies. A study from the University of Edinburgh found that adults who sang words and short phrases in a second language were twice as good at speaking it later!

Pack Your iPod for You ESL Classes in California!

The great thing about music is that it is a teacher you can carry with you everywhere. Find music that you enjoy and upload as much onto your device, like an iPod, as you can. Once you have all these songs in your pocket, you can take your ESL classes in California anywhere when you explore this great state! You can listen to them on public transport in San Francisco, at the beach in Los Angeles, or even on a trek through one of California’s beautiful national parks.

Take English songs with you as you explore California

Take English songs with you as you explore California

Different ways You Can Use Songs to Improve Your English

One of the reasons why using songs to learn a language is popular is because it’s so enjoyable! But there are more things you can do than simply listen. Here are some techniques you can use to make songs a great language-learning tool.

Translation. A good exercise that you can do with songs is translating them from English into your first language. This makes you think about the different meanings that words can have and how they can be organized into sentences. It also helps you learn new words.

Pronunciation. Many students who take English classes in California will use reading to help them learn the language. Indeed, reading is one of the most helpful tools for language learning. The only downside of reading is that you might not know how to say the word. In songs, words are spoken, which can help you understand not only their meaning, but also how to say them!

Songs can help you learn correct pronunciation

Songs can help you learn correct pronunciation

Idioms. Idioms are expressions used in different cultures. One fun aspect of learning English through songs is that you can discover unique ways that the language is used. Learning new expressions is also a fun way to share the language with your friends. Next time someone asks you how your ESL classes are going, you can tell them that ‘It’s not rocket science!’ That’s an idiom for, ‘It’s not too difficult!’

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