Why Immersion Is so Important to Success in Intensive English Studies

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Have you ever heard the English expression ‘practice makes perfect’? It means that constant practice is the best way to learn a new skill. It’s an approach that is known to work well in ESL education, and one of the reasons why immersion is so popular. Immersion means communicating with native speakers and practicing your new skills each and every day. That means practicing English inside the classroom, as well as outside of it too. You can practice your English by watching TV shows and movies, reading, or, best of all, living and studying in an English-speaking city.

If you’re looking to learn English quickly, immersing yourself in an English environment is important. Keep reading to find out why!

Immersion Helps You Learn and Remember Vocabulary

Native English speakers can often use expressions that are different from textbooks. They might even sometimes use new words, or use a word in a different way. That’s why one of the best ways to learn a new language is through an immersive intensive English studies program. The combination of using English every day outside of class, in addition to in-depth coursework, allows students to quickly learn the vocabulary and grammar rules used by native English speakers.

This approach to language education helps students learn and practice vocabulary the way that native English speakers would. In addition, all that practice helps students remember vocabulary better. As a result, you can learn English faster than through courses alone.

Immersion Helps Your Brain Function Like That of a Native Speaker

Studies show that immersion can help language learners develop the brain patterns of a native speaker. In fact, just observing and imitating a native English speaker’s pronunciation will help you learn English faster. After immersing yourself in English on a day-to-day basis, you might find that one day you will stop translating English into your native language in your head before speaking. Then you might catch yourself thinking in English, and before you know it you could be completely bilingual!

Immersive Language Learning Develops Your Intercultural Awareness

As the language of business, English can open up doors for you all over the world. Communicating with others isn’t just about learning a new language, though. It also takes knowledge of other cultures, which is called cultural awareness.

Language and culture often go together. When you talk to native speakers and engage in activities with them through immersion, you become more familiar with their culture and way of seeing things. Taking ESL courses in San Francisco, or learning English in another vibrant location, can help you learn all about American culture at the same time you develop your language skills.

Immersion helps you learn about American culture

Immersion helps you learn about American culture

Taking ESL Courses in San Francisco Provides Excellent Immersion Opportunities

San Francisco is a great destination for intensive English language learners. The Bay Area provides many opportunities for you to engage with native speakers and practice your English skills. It’s a cultural center offering a lot of possible activities including sports, dance, arts festivals, food, music, and community service. You will also find many students in town to have conversations with since there are some big universities in the area. It’s a great place for English language immersion!

San Francisco is a great city for English language immersion

San Francisco is a great city for English language immersion

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