How English School in California Prepares You for University Transfer

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Earning a degree from a university in the USA opens doors to a world of opportunities. To meet the English language requirements for admission, an intensive English language program like those offered at English Studies Institute (ESI) is the best way to improve your communication skills quickly and efficiently. At our small and friendly school, our experienced instructors give you personalized one-on-one training as you interact with other international students and explore exciting attractions in sunny California.

The learning continues even after class ends with fun activities so you can practice English and meet new friends. You will be able to play American sports and other games, enjoy dance parties, and visit famous events, museums, and shows. If you want to transfer to an English language university, our friendly counsellors can help you with the complex application process to advance to the next level of your studies. We have conditional acceptance agreements with universities all around the United States to make it even easier.

Here is more information about how our school teaches you English and helps you transfer to university.

English School in California is an Ideal Introduction to University in the USA

One of the great things about the American higher education system is how easy it is to transfer between colleges and universities. It is common for students to complete their general education requirements at a small community college before moving to a larger university to finish the last two years of their bachelor’s degree. This is called a “2+2” program—the first two years of undergraduate study are at a community college and the second two at a bigger university.


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ESI’s friendly counsellors help you transfer to your chosen university

Intensive English language programs like ESI’s are a valuable part of the education system, working with the individual needs and abilities of each student to ensure that they can confidently progress to the university of their choice and the career of their dreams. You will learn study skills that you’ll need in university, take classes that prepare you for the TOEFL and IELTS English language tests, and even attend special workshops to develop your “Statement of Purpose” (or Application Essay) for university admissions applications.

Study English in California for Conditional Admission to Great Universities

Although many talented students have the test scores and other qualifications to study at the university of their choice, they may not have the English language requirements they need. Fortunately, many universities now offer “conditional admission” to international students who meet other admission requirements but need to take English courses to improve their communication skills. Since we have conditional acceptance agreements with 12 top higher education institutions across the country, this pathway is made even easier for ESI students.


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Earning your Certificate of Completion from ESI can help you transfer into a great university

This means we can help you transfer directly to many great schools, including:

  • San Francisco State University
  • William Jessup University
  • St. Mary’s College of California
  • Humboldt State University
  • Oregon State University
  • Colorado State University
  • Loyola University, New Orleans
  • University of Southern Florida
  • Marshall University
  • Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Drew University in New Jersey
  • George Mason University near Washington, D.C.

No matter what course you’re interested in, our English school in California will prepare you to achieve your dreams!

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