Why Is Having Fun Such an Essential Part of Intensive English Training?

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Learning English as an adult takes time and practice, which is a big part of why ESL courses can be so effective. English language schools help you learn how to speak, listen, write, and read well in English, and make real progress toward fluency.

Quickly learning a language isn’t just about completing exercises, though. It’s also about having fun at the same time. Happy minds have an easier time learning, so programs that include fun activities are the most effective at helping students succeed.

Here’s why having fun is so important in intensive English training!

Playful Curiosity Is a Great Way to Explore and Learn in Intensive English Training

When students are first learning a language, playfulness is a great way to encourage progress. For example, some students might want to learn the meaning of some fun expressions they heard in a favourite TV show. Or they might use their English skills to meet new friends and learn more about American culture.

Helping students have a bit of fun with English is a great way to keep their excitement going so that they feel motivated to learn. For this reason, finding a school that encourages students to have fun should be a priority for ESL students everywhere.

A bit of fun in the classroom helps curious students get excited about learning English

A bit of fun in the classroom helps curious students get excited about learning English

There Are Chemical Reasons Why Fun Makes it Easier to Learn

When you are having fun, your brain produces chemicals called dopamine and endorphins, which make you feel good. When your brain has higher levels of these chemicals, it is also better at remembering things. This means that having fun is a great learning aid!

This is why top intensive English training schools like English Studies Institute put so much emphasis on having fun. By creating a welcoming atmosphere where every student gets to laugh and learn with their classmates and teachers, ESI helps students achieve success.

Fun Things Are Easier to Remember Than Routine Things

If you do the same things in the same way every single day, it’s likely that none of it will stand out as being memorable. This isn’t great for language learning, where every lesson is important.

However, when you’re having fun with games, jokes, and other interesting activities, you will have more variety in your day. Little grammar rules might be linked in your brain to something funny the teacher said, or you might remember a new word you learned during a fun weekend excursion. By linking these concepts to something fun, your brain can remember them easily.

Fun Immersion Classes for English Fluency Encourage Practice

If you think classes for English fluency are boring, you might be attending the wrong English classes. Classes that aren’t very enjoyable can make students feel unmotivated to practice English outside of school, which can make learning more difficult.

Fortunately, fun immersion programs make language practice in class and outside of it fun for students. Attending a baseball game, visiting historic attractions, and meeting new friends might not sound like language practice, but it is! Immersion allows students to practice their English every day as they spend time with new friends or explore local attractions. All that practice helps students improve their English quickly. It’s one of the best ways to learn English, and it also makes for a truly enjoyable experience.

If you have fun at ESL school, you'll be more likely to do extra activities to help you learn English

If you have fun at ESL school, you’ll be more likely to do extra activities to help you learn English

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