4 Benefits of Enrolling in an Intensive English Program

English training students smiling

ESI students have fun at UC Berkeley

Do you want to improve your English? Try an intensive English program! Many students from all over the world improve their English at our school.

Here at the English Studies Institute (ESI), students reach their dreams of getting English jobs, going to English college, and more.

Here are 4 benefits of taking an intensive English program at ESI.

1. Intensive English Courses Help You Work in America

If you want to work in the USA, our school can help you do it. Here at ESI, students get the English speaking, listening, and understanding skills they need for work.

ESI students learn to use correct grammar and English expressions, get comfortable speaking in English, and prepare to understand other American workers.

Our teachers are friendly, patient, and funny, making English easy! They help students like you get ready to work in any English-speaking job.

For extra confidence, look for ESL programs with English level placement tests.

2. Intensive English Courses Help You Attend College in America

Many students take intensive English classes to prepare for college or university in America. That is why Sultan Al-Hayyani came here from Saudi Arabia:

“About one year ago, I came to the U.S. to study English and get my Master’s,” he says. “My English has improved a lot!”

At ESI, students like Sultan get ready for English tests like TOEFL and IELTS. Intensive English training school teachers help students get accepted at colleges like San Francisco State University, Colorado State University, and the University of Oregon.

working in intensive English courses

ESI students in the classroom

If you want an academic degree from America, intensive English courses are a great way to start.

3. Intensive English Courses Help You Help Others

Want to help people in need? At ESI, we have classes all about volunteering. These classes are ESI’s community service courses. Community service is about helping other people and making them happy.

ESL students use English skills to help small children, the elderly, and more. The children and elderly people love to talk with our students. This is great English practice for students like you—and a very good thing to do for others.

ESI Intensive English Program Students

ESI students helping the elderly

4. Intensive English Courses Help You Make New Friends

In intensive English courses, students meet friends from all over the world.

Here, you will meet friends from many different countries—like Taiwan, Brazil, Japan, Poland, and more. You will practice English and have fun together, like a big family.

“I have learned a lot about American culture, and other cultures as well by talking to my classmates,” says student Ximena Guzman from Chile. “It’s been an amazing time.”

Would you like to take an intensive English program?

Visit English Studies Institute to get started.

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