4 Ways Students in English Courses in the USA Can Quickly Improve Communication Skills

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If your goal is to learn English, there are many fun ways to practice and improve your skills. Of course, the best way to learn any language is to practice as much as possible, particularly by talking with native English speakers. By surrounding yourself with English speaking people, you will quickly improve your vocabulary and pronunciation, having regular opportunities to listen, speak, and learn from your mistakes.

Taking English courses in the USA at a school like English Studies Institute (ESI) is an ideal way to learn the language, while developing important study and presentation skills for university or work purposes and meeting new friends from all over the world. There are regular social events on the famous campus of the University of California, Berkeley, and around the warm and sunny San Francisco area where you can communicate with friendly students and other locals.

Here are 4 fun ways to quickly improve your English skills!

1. Join Activities While Enrolled in English Courses in the USA

Learning a language is like driving a car—you can only learn by actually doing it. Intensive English classes with excellent teachers and a supportive family-like atmosphere are only the beginning. Outside of class, students can participate in fun activities like dance classes, bowling, ice skating, attending professional baseball and football games, arts festivals, and much more. You can also volunteer in community activities and talk with English speakers everywhere you go.


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ESI students practice English while having fun at activities like ice skating

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be confident and speak as often as possible to everyone you meet. By listening well and learning from your mistakes, you’ll quickly improve your fluency and pronunciation. It’s normal to feel a little nervous when speaking a less familiar language but just relax and speak slowly and clearly.

2. Listen to English Radio and TV While Learning English for University Studies

Keep practicing your English at home when listening to the radio, TV, or your computer, learning new words and expressions and listening to the speakers’ pronunciation. Watch movies in English and have fun imitating what the actors say, paying attention to how they emphasize certain sentences and communicate emotion. Reading English newspapers and magazines out loud is another great way to earn your ESL requirement for university.

3. Sing Music with Friends from English Courses in the USA

Do you love music? You probably already listen to songs with English lyrics—try following along with the words displayed on your computer screen, looking up unfamiliar ones to expand your vocabulary and deepen your appreciation of the poetry. Sing along and go with friends to karaoke!

4. Keep a Journal during English for University Studies

Written skills are another important part of learning English for university studies or successful career development. Try writing every day in a personal journal—it could be a diary, things you learned today, or your future best-selling novel—write anything and write often! Keep a list of new words you learn and experiment with using them in sentences. If possible, get a friend to correct your writing—email is great for that.


english courses in the USA

ESI students have regular opportunities to get involved in the community

There are so many ways to quickly improve your English communication skills when you are in an immersive and supportive environment like ESI. You’ll be a fluent speaker in no time!

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