Back to School Tips for Students Beginning ESL School in California

ESL school in California

It’s normal to be nervous when returning to school. Fortunately, there is plenty to look forward to when you’re about to start studying English in California. There’s lots to see and do when you’re learning here, but try not to get distracted too much. It’s important to concentrate on your language studies, so that you can develop your English.

There are lots of different challenges to think about before starting an English language course in Berkeley near San Francisco. You might not know much about these cities, so here are a few good tips on how to get yourself ready for the new school term.

Learn About the Area Before Going Back to School

San Francisco and Berkeley are busy cities, so it’s a good idea to learn the transport system when you first arrive for intensive English studies. There are buses, trains, and trams that help students get around and visit the destinations they want to see. Taking some time to become familiar with these options can help you feel ready for life in California.

You can also try the restaurants and cafes nearby, so you know some nice places to go for lunch, or to relax after a day in language school.

Be Prepared and Get School Supplies

It’s important to look at the syllabus for your English language course, and find out whether you need any books or other supplies. You’ll need some notebooks and folders to store all of your notes, so make sure to get plenty before beginning your classes. You’ll also want to get lots of pens and other stationery to help you take notes and stay organized.

Design a Timetable for ESL School in California

Life is never boring when you’re living in Berkeley. Berkeley and nearby San Francisco are full of fun activities, so try and find a good balance between your studies and your social life.

Planning is very important. Design a timetable that includes your classes and regular study periods. Use your phone to remind you of upcoming assignments and classes. If you follow this study timetable, then you will still have lots of time to enjoy yourself outside of the classroom.

Staying organized is important

Staying organized is important

Stay Active and Relaxed to Achieve Good Results

Studying English is about more than learning the language. It’s also an opportunity to meet people from other cultures and explore new cities. Give yourself lots of time during your ESL courses near San Francisco to experience the Golden Gate Bridge, watch a baseball game, or visit the famous prison on Alcatraz Island. Enjoy the great food, and stay active by playing sports or going for a hiking trip. Don’t forget, however, to get enough sleep at night. This is a very important habit to learn when starting English language school, because it gives you lots of energy to study.

Find Suitable Study Locations

It can be a good idea to have more than one place where you like to study. Research has shown that studying in more than one place can help you better remember material. For this reason, you may want to create a suitable workspace at home, but also find a nice library where you can do your work too. There are also many great parks, where you can go and study your English vocabulary and grammar in the fresh air and warm sunshine. Visit a few of these places early in your language course. Some friends might also join you to create a study group where you can learn together.

Study in a local park

Study in a local park

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