ESI Teacher Stories: Meet the Teachers You’ll Have When You Study English in California

study english in California

The caring teachers at English Studies Institute make language learning fun

When you go to English as a second language school, the teachers you have for your classes are a big part of what makes the experience so special. The right teacher can help you gain confidence in your English skills, teach you helpful techniques for remembering lessons, and help you improve your English language skills quickly. Here at ESI, our teachers have a lot of valuable experience teaching English to students from all over the world, and have interesting personal histories, too.

Want to learn a bit more about the teachers at English Studies Institute? Here are a few of the teachers at our school.

Meet Stephen Dalton: Traveller, Athlete, and English for University Studies Educator

Stephen Dalton has lived and taught English in Japan, and has also travelled to see former ESI students in other countries, like Brazil and Taiwan. He is a big fan of bicycling, yoga, and swimming, and also likes talking about culture and politics.

Like all of the teachers at ESI, Stephen has many years of English language training, and has a Master’s degree. His experience, enthusiasm for teaching, and friendly personality make him a great person to learn from!

Meet Sarah MacKay Lynch: Hiker, Course Designer, and Instructor at ESI

Sarah MacKay Lynch is also a world traveller, and has taught English in Thailand, Mexico, and California. She likes going for hikes, drinking tea, and meeting international visitors.

Not only is Sarah a teacher of English for university studies, but she also helped design courses for subjects like Reading & Writing, Oral Communication Skills, and more. That means that while you’re learning about good conversation, grammar, and other important English skills, you’re benefiting from some of Sarah’s hard work!

Meet David Frasca: Multilingual, Multitalented, and Instructor for English for University Studies

If you speak Spanish or Italian, be sure to say “hola” or “buongiorno” to David Frasca. He has lived and taught English in both Spain and Italy, and is fluent in both Spanish and Italian. He also has a background in healing and the performing arts. He has a very interesting range of talents!

As a teacher, David especially loves teaching grammar, listening & speaking, and reading skills. He is a great person to learn from, and will help you have fun while you study English in California.

Meet Melody Noll: Globetrotter, Performer, and Experienced English Instructor

Like many of her colleagues, Melody loves to travel. She taught English in France, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, and several other countries. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, ballroom dancing, and singing. She is quite the artist!

Melody is a Teacher Trainer, and is also a pronunciation specialist and core ESI instructor. Her skills and experience make her a very valuable member of the ESI team. She can be a big help in getting you to take your English skills to the next level!

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