How ESL Courses Help Students Beat Language Learning Plateaus

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It can be exciting to start learning English. Some students quickly learn new words and grammar, and expect that this fast rate of progress will continue. As people learn more and more, though, it is common for this learning to slow down a bit. Sometimes, some students might reach a point where they feel like they aren’t learning anything new at all.

People who feel that their learning has slowed or stopped are in what is called a “learning plateau.” While this can be frustrating, enrolling in ESL classes is a great way to get past this slowdown.

Want to learn why? Here are some of the biggest reasons.

1. ESL Courses Use a Variety of Activities to Keep You Interested

Some people get into a routine when learning a language. They do the same kinds of lessons and learn about the same kinds of material every day. This is predictable, and can lead some people to become bored. This can cause learning to slow.

With ESL courses, you will get to do many different kinds of exercises for different skills. These include exercises for grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This variety makes it easy to stay interested in learning, and can keep plateaus away.

ESL courses

Different kinds of exercises make learning at ESL school engaging

2. ESL Courses Give You A Lot of Feedback

Part of the problem with learning plateaus is that it can be difficult to know what is slowing you down. Doing intensive English studies at a good school can help you avoid this problem.
Instructors at ESL schools are experts in teaching English as a second language. They know how to help students quickly learn new skills in English. At a school like English Studies Institute, the small class sizes also make it easy for teachers to get to know you, and find particular issues that you might be having. This personalized, expert approach can help prevent you from having learning plateaus.

ESL courses

Feedback from instructors can help you beat learning plateaus

3. ESL Courses Make it Easier to Get Extra Practice

One thing that many language learners find is that extra practice outside of lessons is helpful. That’s why a good ESL school makes it easy to get extra practice.

They might help you enjoy fun after school trips, offer rentals of English DVDs or books, or arrange for times to interact with native English speakers. These are all great ways to get out, practice your English, and avoid a plateau.

intensive English studies

Enrolling in ESL classes is a great way to work through a learning plateau

4. ESL Courses Help You Work Through Plateaus

When plateaus happen, it’s not time to quit. The best way to get through a plateau when learning English is to keep working. Good things will come!

ESL courses are designed to keep you working on learning English, so if you hit a plateau while you’re in class, you’re in the right place! Enroll, and you’ll soon have daily instruction that can help you progress.

Best of all, if you find you’re in a plateau and want to enroll in classes, schools like English Studies Institute will let you start classes at many times throughout the year. This makes enrolling in English classes a very convenient choice for overcoming a learning plateau.

intensive English studies

Enrolling in ESL classes is a great way to work through a learning plateau

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