Living in American Culture: How do You Survive the First Weeks When You Study English in California?

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It’s normal to feel nervous when you move to a new country to study. Being in a new place where people speak a different language, eat different food, and have a different culture is a lot of change to experience all at once. Fortunately, it’s also a wonderful opportunity. You can make new friends from all over the world, improve your English, and discover a new culture.

To help you smoothly navigate the first weeks of your study abroad experience, there are plenty of useful tips you can try. Here are four tips for adapting to life in the United States.

1: Research American Culture Before You Study English in California

Researching American culture can help you learn how it is different from your own culture before you even arrive. You can watch movies, read articles, and look at guidebooks to help you get used to American culture.

Another good idea is to see if anyone you know has travelled to the United States. You can ask them if there were differences they noticed and how they got used to them. This can help you figure out what to expect when you move to the USA and help ease any nerves you may have.

2: Meet New Friends When You Arrive in the USA

It’s normal to feel a bit lonely when you first arrive in a new country. That’s why it’s a good idea to make new friends with ESL students and local American students as you begin your English courses in the USA.

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New friends can help you enjoy all that California has to offer. You can go visit famous tourist sites together, go to a concert, or simply enjoy a tasty meal at a local restaurant. As the days go by and you get to know your classmates better, you’ll soon have friends from all over the world!

3: Take Part in Social Activities While You Study English in California

There are plenty of activities for you to try when you study English in California. English Studies Institute offers many activities for ESL students, including going to baseball games, playing sports, touring San Francisco, and more. Join your classmates on these trips and have fun! You’ll learn a bit more about American culture and feel more at home in your new surroundings.

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Take part in fun activities, like city tours, when you study English in California

4: It’s Normal to Miss Home, So Give Yourself Time to Adjust

For many students, it can take a few weeks to get used to living in America. That’s why you shouldn’t worry if you feel a bit homesick from time to time. These feelings are completely normal and will go away quickly.

As the weeks pass, you will grow more and more comfortable with your new home away from home. You’ll have made plenty of new friends, improved your English, and built memories that will last a lifetime.

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