Sightseeing Opportunities You Can Enjoy When You Begin Your Intensive English Studies in California

Here are some sightseeing opportunities you can enjoy during your intensive English studies in California

One great thing about studying English in California is that you will be able to travel to many interesting places nearby. California has many beautiful natural sights to visit, as well as many interesting businesses and tourist destinations to check out.

Want some ideas for places to visit while studying English in California? Here are some great choices.

Yosemite National Park Has Beautiful Scenery to See While You Learn English in California

Just a three-hour drive from Berkeley, California, Yosemite National Park is a world-famous place to go to see natural beauty. There are waterfalls, enormous trees, beautiful cliffs, and many other interesting natural sights. You can even see many kinds of wildlife there, including bears.

Yosemite is one of the must-see sightseeing destinations near English Studies Institute, and it’s likely that some of the friends you make in your program will also want to see it too. You can plan a trip together and enjoy a wonderful weekend out in nature practicing your English.

Silicon Valley Is the Place to go to See Enormous Technology Companies

There’s nowhere in the world that is home to as many interesting technology companies as Silicon Valley. Companies like Google, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, and many others are all found in the region surrounding San Francisco.

While most of these companies do not offer guided tours to visitors, it’s usually possible to walk onto their campuses and take a quick look. If you’re a big fan of technology, it could be worth going over to some of these companies’ headquarters while you’re in intensive English studies.

visit Google When You Learn English in California

Visit Google and other tech companies while studying English in California

Enjoy the Beautiful Shores of Lake Tahoe When You Learn English in California

North of Yosemite National Park you can find Lake Tahoe. It’s an enormous lake surrounded by mountains, and is a popular place to go for hiking, camping, swimming, and many other fun outdoor sights and activities.

If you like nature, or just want to enjoy swimming in a gorgeous lake, a trip to Lake Tahoe is a great way to spend a day or weekend. If you’re a really big fan of nature, you could even try planning your program start date so that you finish just in time for summer camping! ESI offers many start times throughout the year, making this something that you can easily do.

Enjoy beautiful Lake Tahoe while studying in California

Enjoy beautiful Lake Tahoe while studying in California

Napa Valley Is Nearby, So Consider Touring Wine Country During Your Studies

California’s Napa Valley is one of the world’s most important wine-producing regions, and is also a great place to sightsee while you learn English in California.

Consider taking a trip over to visit a vineyard, do wine tastings, take a cooking class, or enjoy many other activities. With so many delicious things to eat and drink, this is a place that can appeal to pretty much everyone. Because our school is located right in Berkeley, it’s a short drive over to Napa, making it an easy journey to take.

Napa Valley isn’t too far away from our school—take a trip over to do a wine tasting!

Napa Valley isn’t too far away from our school—take a trip over to do a wine tasting!

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