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3 Differences Between American and British English Explained for Students in ESL Courses

September 11, 2019
There are many different accents and dialects of English. Two of the most common are American English and British English. If you study English, the good news is that American and British English are very similar. While each one has some unique aspects, American English…

What to Look for When Choosing an ESL School in the USA

July 13, 2017
Studying English abroad can be the experience of a lifetime. You can meet other students from around the world, experience another culture, and gain language skills that will allow you to take your career to new heights. Choosing a top ESL school will help you…

Looking for the Perfect Place to Learn English? 3 Reasons to Take English Courses in California

February 16, 2017
Learning how to speak, read, and write in English can be beneficial. It can get you ready for understanding university class material, and help you communicate with others in the classroom and in your future career. Want to get started learning English? Consider studying English…

5 After-Class Activities You Can Participate in While You Study English in California

September 15, 2016
Learning English can happen anywhere! It happens both inside and outside the classroom at schools like the English Studies Institute (ESI) in California. In ESI English courses, students learn to read, write, speak, and understand English better. The learning does not stop when class time…

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