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How Talking with Native Speakers Helps During Your English Classes

February 6, 2020
Learning a language in a classroom can be very different to using it in everyday life. Speaking with native speakers can help you build your language skills by giving you a deeper understanding of the language and exposing you to native accents, accurate pronunciations, and…

Want to Study English in the USA? Here are 3 Things that Make California Unique

September 6, 2019
Many states in America have unique histories, landscapes, people, and stories. California, on the west coast of North America, stands out because even Americans have a hard time classifying it in the great, vast picture of the United States. Starting at the southern Mexican border…

4 Weekend Trips You Can Take When You Attend English School in California

August 26, 2019
While studying in Berkeley, California, you might want to explore on your days off. When you have a free weekend, there are lots of adventures you can take nearby. Maybe you’d like to take some photographs of misty cliffs or enjoy a peaceful lake. You…

How ESL Courses Help Students Beat Language Learning Plateaus

August 17, 2017
It can be exciting to start learning English. Some students quickly learn new words and grammar, and expect that this fast rate of progress will continue. As people learn more and more, though, it is common for this learning to slow down a bit. Sometimes,…

How English School in California Prepares You for University Transfer

November 17, 2016
Earning a degree from a university in the USA opens doors to a world of opportunities. To meet the English language requirements for admission, an intensive English language program like those offered at English Studies Institute (ESI) is the best way to improve your communication…

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