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3 Facts About Berkeley for Students Taking ESL Courses in California

August 28, 2019
Berkeley, California is famous around the world for the University of California (UC) at Berkeley. However, you may be surprised to learn that Berkeley itself is a thriving city with many different neighborhoods, parks, and attractions to explore. Bordered by the San Francisco Bay on…

Why Is Having Fun Such an Essential Part of Intensive English Training?

March 16, 2018
Learning English as an adult takes time and practice, which is a big part of why ESL courses can be so effective. English language schools help you learn how to speak, listen, write, and read well in English, and make real progress toward fluency. Quickly…

Essential Study Skills for Students Starting Their Intensive English Training

September 21, 2017
Learning English can be a fun experience, and easier than you might think. At top ESL schools, supportive instructors help students understand classroom material, and are ready to answer any questions they might have. Fun activities outside of class also help students practice their English….

A Day in the Life of an ESI Student Taking Intensive English Courses

November 15, 2016
While it’s nice to know that English Studies Institute’s courses are all taught by qualified and experienced professionals, it’s also good to have an idea of the kinds of things you will do during the classes they teach. Knowing what types of daily activities you…

4 Benefits of Enrolling in an Intensive English Program

June 23, 2016
Do you want to improve your English? Try an intensive English program! Many students from all over the world improve their English at our school. Here at the English Studies Institute (ESI), students reach their dreams of getting English jobs, going to English college, and…