What to Look for When Choosing an ESL School in the USA

esl school in the USA
Studying English abroad can be the experience of a lifetime. You can meet other students from around the world, experience another culture, and gain language skills that will allow you to take your career to new heights. Choosing a top ESL school will help you experience all these benefits and more.

However, how do you know whether the ESL school you choose will offer the learning experience you’re looking for? Here are a few of the qualities you want to see.

Choose an ESL School in the USA With Highly Educated and Experienced Instructors

To make sure you get a top instruction as well as plenty of support throughout your studies, it is helpful to learn from the best instructors. This is why it’s important to study at an ESL school where the teachers are all experts in the English language. At English Studies Institute (ESI), for example, most teachers have a master’s degree, as well as many years of experience teaching ESL students. Learning from professionals with this level of experience can help you make fast progress in your abilities.

english courses in California

Experienced teachers at ESI are great at helping students improve their English

Choose an ESL School in the USA That Includes Fun Activities

Part of the fun of going to ESL school in the USA is getting out and enjoying American culture. There are interesting sights to see, events to attend, and many fun activities to enjoy in California.

The best ESL schools will help you enjoy some of these activities, and will arrange trips or events for you and your classmates. You could go see interesting monuments, tour museums and art galleries, go to professional baseball games, and much more! This adds a lot of fun to an already great educational experience and helps you learn English even faster.

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A great ESL school in the USA will help you get out and explore America

Choose an ESL School That Helps You Learn Useful Skills for Your Future

A good ESL education will focus on skills that will offer the biggest benefits to your career. These include skills like oral communication, reading and writing, presentation skills, and other important skills that can help you communicate in English with confidence.

Taking English courses in California at English Studies Institute will let you study in a great program that targets these and other important skills. It’s a great head start on your future!

esl school in the USA

Great ESL schools help you learn useful skills for your future

Choose an ESL School That Offers Convenient Start Times

ESL schools with few start dates can often be inconvenient for students. They put constraints on travel plans, may not work well for your individual educational progress, and reduce the amount of choice available to you.

For this reason, more established ESL schools will often offer many different start times, making it easier for you to start your education when it is most convenient for you. In fact, ESL schools like ESI have multiple start dates a year—with almost one start date offered each month. If you want to study English when it’s most convenient for you, be sure to choose an ESL school that has this kind of flexibility.

esl school in the USA

Flexible start times at ESI make it easy to fit your studies into your other plans

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