Make Sure to Visit These Must-See Museums When You Study English near San Francisco

study English near San Francisco

ESL students learning English near San Francisco this summer will have many fun attractions to visit.  The Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, and Silicon Valley are all top attractions to see during your studies. In addition, there are also many wonderful museums to explore.

Here are some of the ones you may want to visit during your studies!

Tickle Your Imagination With the Walt Disney Family Museum and Cartoon Art Museum!

Do you like Marvel comics? Are you a huge Disney fan? If so, then you need to visit these two museums! California is said to be the place where Disney all began, set up in the 1920s by Walt and his brother Roy. The Walt Disney Family Museum celebrates Walt Disney and his creations, providing showings of Disney films, exhibitions covering the early history of the Walt Disney Company, and displaying over 248 awards he won, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom! This museum is entertainment, inspiration, and education all combined into one!

Learn more about Disney while studying English near San Francisco

Learn more about Disney while studying English near San Francisco

The Cartoon Art Museum was created in 1984, and is great for all lovers of comics and cartoons. In fact, their permanent collection has approximately 7,000 different works of cartoon and comic art for you to enjoy on a day off from your ESL Courses near San Francisco. Right now, the Cartoon Art Museum is putting on several amazing exhibitions, including a graphic novel history of the Civil Rights Movement, and an exhibit on the comic book artist Jim Starlin, who created many popular characters in the Marvel Universe. These two museums alone should be reason enough to come study English near San Francisco!

Visit the Morrison Planetarium and Exploratorium While You Study English near San Francisco

For ESL students who love learning about art, science, and space, these two fantastic museums are perfect attractions to explore. The Morrison Planetarium is famous for having the largest digital planetarium dome screen in the world today, measuring approximately 75 feet in diameter! This screen can allow you to see beautiful and detailed images of objects in space.

Should you choose to study English near San Francisco, you can also check out the Exploratorium, founded by Frank Oppenheimer in 1969. This museum is a space for art and science and has a total of six galleries, some of which are outdoors. For example, the Exploratorium’s west gallery has scientific exhibits about human emotions and memory, exploring how we connect and interact as a species. You could even head outdoor and see the 150ft Fog Bridge, and use various nozzles to create large clouds of fog!

Learn a Bit of History With the Hyde Street Pier and Cable Car Museum!

Did you know that San Francisco was the city where cable cars were first built and tested? In 1873, Andrew Smith Hallidie came up with the idea for carriages that could carry several passengers and travel on rails along a street. The San Francisco Cable Car Museum celebrates this invention, and will teach you plenty about how they work. You’ll even be able to get an up close look at three cable cars from the 1870s, including one made by the very first cable car company.

Guess what! They’re still running cable cars today!

Guess what! They’re still running cable cars today!

The Hyde Street Pier is really exciting if you have an interest in sailing, or love the ocean.  This waterfront museum can give you a chance to look at old ships with historic significance, like the Balclutha, a fully-rigged ship, and the Hercules, a steam-powered tugboat. You can choose to travel the Fisherman’s Wharf and look at the ships for free, or pay a small fee to board them!

There are so many museums to explore while taking English classes in California.

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