Baseball to Burgers: Enjoying American Culture When You Take ESL Courses in the USA

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Living in a different country and enjoying a new culture requires a sense of adventure, which is perfect if you’re interested in studying in the United States. If you ask an American about their culture, however, you might get a thousand different responses.

In the land of opportunity, with a diverse population and society, American culture can mean anything, from national pastimes such as baseball, barbecues, and Fourth of July picnics, to more abstract values such as independence, optimism, and personal freedom. If you’re interested in studying English in the United States, read on to learn a little more.

Think Big During Your ESL Courses

The United States is an incredibly big country. Although that may seem obvious, it can be hard to understand until you experience it. Correspondingly, American culture is big, from cars to food to attitude and lifestyle. When you visit America, don’t be surprised if your restaurant order is twice as large as normal, or if distance is expressed in the time it takes to drive rather than a unit of measure. People can also be loud and expressive, but this also means they have big ideas, big dreams, and open minds.

In America, the sky is the limit for students at ESI

In America, the sky is the limit for students at ESI

California in particular has the largest population of any US state, and since it stretches nearly all the way from the bottom of the country to the top, you can experience a variety of settings and destinations, from the northern redwood forests and Yosemite national park, to San Francisco bay, to Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Go Out and Meet People During Your ESL Courses in California

People say that Americans are friendly for a reason. In a country made up of many diverse people, one big underlying rule of American culture is that it welcomes those who are different.

You will find out quickly that there is actually no such thing as a typical American, but many Americans are united in ideas more than appearances. This includes the idea of America as a melting pot of cultures and people. Don’t be afraid to be an outsider during your ESL courses in the USA—chances are, they will be interested in where you come from, and will be eager to learn more about you and your thoughts, opinions, and history.

Americans celebrate diversity, and welcome new people

Americans celebrate diversity, and welcome new people

Learn English by Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Just as Americans have a reputation for being big, friendly, and open-minded, they also are well known for self-expression, and your experience communicating and conversing with people in the United States can enhance and enrich your intensive English studies.

Many Americans believe that all people are of equal standing, and their value of equality also means that they can be very informal in behavior or conversation, but this shouldn’t be mistaken for rudeness. In fact, Americans expect you to be just as forward and open in expressing yourself as they are, so don’t censor yourself or be afraid to share your opinions! Even if they don’t agree with them, most Americans will respect your right to your own values and thoughts.

While many Americans share similar qualities, their customs, beliefs, and traditions can vary from person to person. In general, remember to be respectful of other people’s differences, but don’t be afraid to communicate your own thoughts and opinions.

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