Interested in Intensive English Studies? Here’s How to Use Movies to Improve Your English

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One of the benefits of learning English is that you’ll be able to watch the many movies that are made every year in English. However, you can start watching movies in English today in order to improve your English-language skills!

Watching movies is an effective way of learning new vocabulary, improving your pronunciation, and staying motivated. Here are some ways you can use movies to improve your English.

Movies Are a Great Opportunity to Improve Your English Pronunciation

With movies, you’ll hear how English words are actually pronounced. By repeating the sounds you hear in movies, you can improve your own pronunciation. In fact, some movies are even about pronouncing words correctly. The King’s Speech, for example, is about King George VI, who was King of England from 1936 to 1952. In the movie, the king has a speech problem that makes it difficult for him to speak in public, but this is corrected through the help of a speech therapist. This is an excellent movie for learning about both English pronunciation and history.

Movies are an excellent way to learn how English words are pronounced

Movies are an excellent way to learn how English words are pronounced

However, be careful when picking movies. Some movies are spoken in heavily accented English that can be difficult to understand. Even some native English speakers have trouble understanding them! Unless one of your goals is to learn a regional accent, you may want to rely on movies that feature more standard American or British accents.

Movies Are a Fun Way to Stay Motivated During Your Intensive English Studies

Learning a new language can be difficult at times. However, it can also be a lot of fun. In fact, the more you find language learning enjoyable, the more motivated you’ll be to continue learning. That’s why watching movies in English is a great idea. At our ESL school in the USA we have DVDs you can borrow to help you improve your English.

For that reason, you should choose movies that you already like. If you’re enjoying the movie, you’ll be more engaged with the plot and you’ll pay more attention to what the characters are saying. In turn, that can help you pick up new words. A good idea is to turn on the English subtitles of a movie you already know. With the subtitles, you can see how words are spelled. As your English progresses, you can then turn off the subtitles and try to understand the movie entirely by listening and watching.

Watching movies you enjoy can help you stay motivated during your studies

Watching movies you enjoy can help you stay motivated during your studies

Children’s Movies Are Often a Great Choice for Learning English

You should choose movies that will challenge you, but that aren’t too difficult. Many animated movies, such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Up, are great choices since they are made for a younger audience. That means the language is easy to understand. While these are children’s movies, they are also entertaining for adults. The English used in them may be simple, but it is not childish.

As you progress in your intensive English studies, you can try movies that feature more advanced English dialogue. Using movies that reflect your current skills will help you become more confident in your English abilities, which will encourage you to use English more actively both in class and outside of it.

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